Ref to Unusual - episode 6

The very first AND last unusual of the series! I will not continue to make episodes as I have already finished the goal from a ref to an unusual. In the 1st episode I mentioned that I'll trade up to a 25-key-ish unusual but that sadly won't be happening. Of course, I will continue building profit but not making more episodes as mentioned earlier, I have completed my goal.

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Ref to Unusual - episode 5

Lots of profit! The shortest episode up to this day. I promise next one will be a bit longer and may be a bit delayed since higher-tier items sell less frequently.

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Ref to Unusual - episode 4

Making some profit! In this shortened episode I am flipping highier-tier cosmetics and stranges

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Ref to Unusual - episode 3

Making a lot of progress in a longer episode! In this episode, I have traded up to an item worth at least a key!

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Ref to Unusual - episode 2

The second episode is already here! The tough road to trading up to an unusual continues. In this episode I am still flipping cosmetic items, soon to reach a key.

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Ref to Unusual - episode 1

The very first episode! So I've always wanted to trade up to an unusual from very little pure. And I've watched tons of scrap to unusual episodes from various youtubers and it looked kinda fun and so I decided to try to make an episode myself.

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Welcome to this useless website!

Before the Ref to Unusual series, I only had the domain and a blank page. Website making was always a hobby of mine and now I feel that I should make use of it and domain before it expires this year. Might renew the domain name or not, most likely going to create a free subdomain, I don't know.
This site is not finished at all. Only about 10% are done. I don't know why do I even bother!

Thanks for stopping by!